About us


First cold pressing

“ELEAS”, our olive oil, has a superior quality because we produce it from our family-owned olive groves and from crops from selected small producers.

Quality controlled production, the harvest of the olives by hand and the immediate, chemical-free first cold pressing, guarantee an optimal quality.

The experience of centuries, handed down from generation to generation, in combination with modern technologies and scientific methods allows the oil to keep its important healthy nutritional qualities and vitamins as well as its aroma and its exceptional flavour.

Our olive oil is for us more than just healthy food. We produce it in our family olive groves in TRIKORFO NAFPAKTIAS and KIATO (PASSIO) KORINTHIAS, with passion and commitment to the “Nectar of the Gods”, as the olive oil is known in Greek mythology.

The extra virgin olive oil produced in Kiato (Passio) Corinthias is already certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Our olive oil in this region is produced from the variety “psiloelia “ which is considered one of the best for the production of extra virgin olive oil.
The extra virgin olive oil produced in Trikorfo Nafpaktias is in the process of certification as organic. The extra virgin olive oil produced in the region, because of the micro climate and soil, is considered by experts as one of the best produced in the country and in the Mediterranean region as a whole.