Olive oil storage


Preserve high quality of olive oil with appropriate storage conditions
As attention should be paid to the olive production, harvesting and processing methods because they play a very great importance in order to produce high quality olive oil, the same attention must be paid to storage.

Light, heat and air are the main enemies of preserving the high quality olive oil. Even the noblest of all extra-virgin olive oils can, in unfavourable storage conditions, suffer considerable loss of quality. In extremely bad storage conditions, the olive oil can, even within a month, lose all of its quality characteristics and practically become inedible.

In order to avoid this and to preserve all the high quality characteristics and positive attributes of olive oil, the following simple but important rules should be followed and kept to:

High temperatures during storage should be avoided. 

Olive oil should be stored cool but not cold. A temperature of 10° C to 18° C is ideal. Under no circumstances should olive oil be stored in temperatures exceeding 25°C.

Olive oil can tolerate cold much better than heat. When cold (for example in a refrigerator), olive oil becomes thicker, cloudy and flecked. If this happens one need not worry because the quality of the oil is not affected. Just stand the bottle somewhere at room temperature and the cloudy deposit will dissolve and taste and aroma will not be affected.

Avoid exposure of olive oil in strong light

Olive oil is extremely sensitive to light and in extreme light exposure it will become rancid in a few days. For this reason keep inside and only take it out when you use it. It is probably just a matter of ignorance, but many good restaurants, offer extra-virgin olive oil to their guests, while at the same time, leaving the bottles (often in clear glass bottles instead of dark glass bottles) the whole day on the restaurant tables and thus strongly affecting the quality of the splendid product!

Store olive oil in dark bottles

It is recommended to store of olive oil in dark glass bottles or stainless steel cans. Storage of olive oil in clear glass bottles or clear plastic bottles or containers should be avoided. If Extra-virgin olive oil is offered in clear bottles, this means that simple storage rules have not been followed and that marketing has taken precedence over quality.
Olive oil, damaged by heat or light (it will be oxidized or rancid), can no longer be used.
Avoid repeated contact of olive oil with air

Olive oil becomes sour through repeated contact with air. For this reason protect olive oil from air and keep the bottle sealed